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Social media has become one of the most powerful and free tools today to influence your audience- whether you are an individual or a company. Social media, if used correctly, can be a powerful force to grow your business and help your business earn much more revenue than it would otherwise. I think that the biggest advantage that social media has is #reach. It reaches your audience in corners of the world that you didn’t even know existed. That is the beauty of social media marketing! Because of this very reason, I strongly recommend all startups, entrepreneurs & solo entrepreneurs to opt for organic marketing- social media being the best choice available out there. It’s FREE, it’s convenient and you’re active on it, all day, anyways!

However, this very same tool, if not used right, can take your business from stardom to doom in a matter of minutes. Messages, positive and negative, spread on social media like wildfire and once out there, the situation might become difficult to contain. It is very correct when said “What goes out on social media, stays forever!” and you do not want those mistakes to affect our business reputation in any way. Here are some very basic and important points that businesses- big and small should keep in mind when creating their social media strategy for the month!

Knowing Where to be Present

This is the first and foremost rule of diving into the abyss of social media marketing for your business. Opposite to popular belief, every company DOES NOT need to be present on all social media channels! We see a lot of companies today that are present on every social media channel available out there. While they might think that this gives their audience more ways to connect, chances are, their correct audience might not even be present on some of those platforms at all. For example, a law firm does not need to be on Instagram and Pinterest as those are not the correct platforms for them to be present on! So be mindful of where you want to create a presence for your company.

Personal or Unprofessional Content

Remember, your company page is for your company and not about you. Sharing personal experiences or pictures might send out the wrong message to your audience and also looks unprofessional. Sharing a picture of a colleague’s birthday celebration in office is OK but sharing a picture of you having dinner with a client or friend is NOT OK!

Political or Religious Views

Sharing your political or religious views on the company’s social media pages is a strict NO! Your political and religious views cannot be your company’s views and you should avoid sharing any such type of view on social media. Politics and Religion are both very complicated topics and you want to make sure that your company does not face any turmoil or backlash because of any such views expressed online.

Sharing Too Much

This is one of the biggest mistake that companies make while putting up content on social media- they share too much and they share all the time. Your audience follows your company page on social media to get important updates about your company, its products, services, product changes and more. Sharing something every day is not important and doing so can sometimes put off your target audience and they might even opt to hide posts from your company from appearing in their news feeds! Having said that, I understand that ‘less is more’ doesn’t hold true for all companies. So you need to find the right balance of content to put out there so as to keep your audience engaged but not overdo it at the same time.

Negative Comments or Reviews

Every business has tough clients and tough assignments and complaining on social media WILL NOT HELP! A business should avoid posting any type of negative comments or reviews about their clients or other companies online. Healthy competition is always appreciated and helps a company grow in more than one ways.

Do any of these remind you of anything you might have done wrong on your social media pages in the past? If so, it’s never too late to reevaluate your social media strategy and to step back on what has been said. A sincere apology is appreciated as much on social media as a wrong move is frowned upon!